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“We are a powerhouse of women. We are mothers, daughters, sisters and friends within our communities. As a collective, we are here to support women creative business owners in growth strategy, resources, digital media marketing, creative designs, copywriting, and more. We have a passion for helping women entrepreneurs and we want to see you succeed. It is our mission to empower women to become entrepreneurs and to create their business the way she wants it to be.”

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Lindsey Griffith

CEO-Owner of Maven Society, Maven Society Media

I am a mother first and foremost to a daughter and son who are my entire world, two doodles, one cat, and a lizard named Rex. Hobby photographer, queen chef in my own kitchen, abstract graffiti canvas artist, herbal enthusiast, and a big fan of almost any dessert with dark chocolate.

I love to spend time with my kids in our herb garden caring for and tending to each plant’s needs. Together we dry and mortar our herbs to be used in meals, teas, and our personal and home living products. My family is committed to our daily meditation and energy work.  It is through this work and time together we have found peace, love, and happiness in our little world.

As a business coach, I am here to break away those chains that women have of limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome.  My purpose in life is to empower women to unlock their greatness.

I am here as a vessel for your personal and professional growth.  To provide knowledge, tools, and resources that will help step into your greatness so that you can serve others at your highest level.

It is my belief that we are all here to shine our light brightly and to live our best lives. When we are living in alignment with our purpose, we can create massive change in the world. I am here to help you remember your greatness and to step into your power so that you can change the world.

Ana Opada

Creative Designer

Favorite Dessert: Blueberry Cheesecake & Pistachio Ice cream. Can’t choose one between these two! 

Why do you love working in Maven?

Working with Maven has reignited my long-dormant creative side. The company’s values and objectives align perfectly with my own, and together, we are working towards a greater purpose. Maven Society’s mission to empower women and support their entrepreneurial pursuits, while also fostering the growth of creative individuals and their artistry, is truly inspiring. Under Lindsey’s goal-oriented leadership, I feel more motivated and focused than ever before. It’s an honor to be part of such a talented team and to grow alongside them. There’s no greater satisfaction than achieving the ultimate goal of our clients, and I believe many women out there aspire to be a part of this exceptional team known as Maven.


I have a diverse set of interests that bring joy to my life. Greek mythology stories and films have always captivated me, and I find myself lost in their magical world. Cooking and experimenting with new dishes has become a passion of mine, and there’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying a delicious meal. I also enjoy the process of manifesting positive things and experiences into my life, which brings a sense of fulfillment and happiness. 

Niquee Balbin

Copy Writer

Favorite Dessert: Mango Graham Cake.
This is a Filipino icebox cake made of sweet and ripe mangoes, whipped cream, condensed milk, and of course!-graham crackers. This is the perfect delight my taste buds are obsessed about. The combination of sleek ripe mangoes strips with sweetened milk adding the texture of crushed graham crackers is just our tropical version of Crème brûlée.
Why do you love working in Maven?
I like the vision of Maven being a safe haven for artistic, entrepreneurial, and creative women. Indeed, this society is a beautiful space for all ladies to grow and support each other. As a team member, I like that my work helps my clients achieve their goals. The whole idea boosts my feministic vibe. I feel privileged to be able to support others in their endeavors. Being able to do that is already one of my motivations. Cheers to more empowered women!
Listening to music
Reading books
Binging TV series
Playing the guitar

Laarnie Richa

Creative Media Designer

Favorite Dessert:  I do love everything in strawberry flavor. Especially strawberry ice cream, the fragrance which I am addicted and can’t help but crave it for almost every day.
Why do you love working in Maven?
Maven has amazed me with how female business owners strive in their roles as moms and entrepreneurs. I like the way Miss Lindsey’s being so talented in everything. Her artistic way and intelligence caught me. Her ideas are very wide and full of knowledge. I am so lucky to be part of the team. I love the sense to help my fellow moms. It’s really a privilege to work with Maven. I am touched that my hard work contributes to our client’s success. I felt motivated knowing that I have the ability to do so as Miss Lindsey’s being so supportive in everything we do.
I love watching funny and romantic movies, listening to music, dancing, swimming at the beach, doing cosmetics, solving puzzles, collecting photos, designing, reading books and I love singing as I am a frustrated singer.

Thayne Ritter

Pinterest Specialist, Copy Writer

In my spare time I enjoy riding my horses, working out, and drinking coffee!Favorite Dessert: My favorite dessert are coffee flavored Macaroons!

Why do you love working in Maven?
I love working at Maven because I get to support women who are working to make their dreams a reality! I love seeing their hard work pay off, and knowing that I had the opportunity to play a small part in that, makes me love my job even more! Being surrounded by strong women chasing their dreams, inspires me to chase mine too!

In my spare time I enjoy riding my horses, working out, and drinking coffee!

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